About GreyCortex

Who We Are

It all started in 2013 when Cleverlance Group provided seed investment for developing a new and advanced product, Threat Intelligence, in its daughter company TrustPort. GREYCORTEX was formed by former employees of TrustPort in May 2016. GREYCORTEX purchased the intellectual property of the former Threat Intelligence product and its technology.

The product suite was rebranded as GREYCORTEX MENDEL as a tribute to the founder of the modern science of genetics Gregor Johan Mendel who made his discoveries in the very city that GREYCORTEX is based ā€“ Brno, South Moravia, Czech Republic.

Y Soft Ventures

GREYCORTEX is proud of being in the portfolio of Y Soft Ventures, the venture capital arm of leading enterprise office solution provider Y Soft. The series A round of investment from Y Soft Ventures will enable GREYCORTEX to strengthen its R&D and customer support teams and speed up the development of new product capabilities.

Product Background

The technology of GREYCORTEX MENDEL was researched and developed in cooperation with the security-oriented Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology.

The university team involved in the research repeatedly succeeded at the NIST challenges with similar technology involving highly advanced machine learning and detection algorithms in video recognition. In addition to utilizing the latest innovative technologies, GREYCORTEX MENDEL was designed according to customersā€™ feedback on competing products and technologies.

General Contact

Purkynova 649/127
61200 Brno, Czech Republic
VAT CZ05060711
+420 511 205 389

Support Contact

+420 775 670 570