Case Studies

Our customers rely on GREYCORTEX to ensure the mission-critical security of their networks. We gain and maintain their trust by providing them with the most technologically advanced and reliable security tool available and offering them an individual approach, regardless of their industry or company size. We protect traditional IT networks and the critical infrastructure and OT/​Industrial Control Systems of large-scale data centers.

Among our customers are central and local government institutions, medium-sized companies, large enterprises, healthcare, transport, energy and industry 4.0. GREYCORTEX’s unlimited scalability offers users the flexibility to monitor anything from a small network of just 100 devices up to several hundreds of thousands of devices in multiple, geographically-dispersed locations.


  • - Central and Local Government
  • - Critical Infrastructure
  • - Healthcare
  • - Financial Services
  • - Manufacturing and Supply
  • - Technology
  • - Justice

Customer Stories

Security Monitoring and Response

Continuous monitoring and reporting of security risks and threats and immediate response or recommendations for internal teams on how to respond to threats.

Deployment and Operation

GREYCORTEX is available as a hardware appliance, a virtual appliance or hosted in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and all other cloud providers. It is fast to deploy, meaning you can be monitoring and securing your network almost immediately. It’s user-first design makes it both intuitive to use and easy to operate.

Network Security Auditing

Continuous or one-off audits of your network security to identify potential and current security risks and threats, as well as recommended steps for their mitigation.

Scalable Licensing Options

With licensing designed to fit your specific use case and infrastructure, you can choose from both perpetual or subscription-based licensing and internal security tools or a platform for managed services.

Security Operations Center

Fits perfectly into various SOC scenarios that use tools such as SIEM, firewalls, EDR and orchestration and incident response.