Prague 1 District

Managed Security Service – Training of the Internal Security Team

The customer – the Prague 1 Municipal District – has been securing its systems with various security products for many years. Following an increase in cyber-attacks on public and state administration offices in 2020, Prague 1 representatives decided to take their cyber security to the next level.

  • Increase the cyber security of its systems.
  • Determine its own security needs and infrastructure parameters.
  • The provision of professional security supervision in the early stages of using the selected security solution.
  • Training of the internal security team in the use of the selected solution.

Challenges: Ensuring Network Visibility

The customer first encountered GREYCORTEX Mendel when it ordered a security analysis of the infrastructure of the Municipal District of Prague 1. This helped the internal security team to specify its needs when planning the next level of security and also answer some questions regarding the network – for example, the amount of data being processed or the size of the network flows.

After a month-long deployment of the Mendel solution, the customer received an audit report with findings as well as recommendations for further improvement.

“The scope of the delivery is providing both the service and technology for network traffic analysis and security monitoring that immediately identifies security risks and events. What we particularly appreciate about the system is the transparency of network flows as well as the rapid indication of potential cyber threats.”

Ing. Miroslav Pavliš, head of the IT Department

  • Solution customized to the needs identified by the network analysis.
  • Ability to detect both common and advanced threats.
  • Prevention of operational problems.
  • Availability of the historical data of network communication and detected security events over several months to meet the Cybersecurity Act’s requirements.
  • Regular reporting on the infrastructure’s status.
  • Step-by-step product tuning and configuration under the partner’s supervision.
  • Training of the internal security team by the partner’s experienced consultants.

Results: Services to Support Operations

The current supplier of the Mendel solution for the Prague 1 District is Rexonix s.r.o., our partner for the Czech Republic. The partner provides customized solutions according to the parameters measured in the previous network analysis.

Together with the Mendel product, the Prague 1 municipality also uses the partner’s managed services and receives monthly reports on the network and its status. Consultations from security experts are also part of the services.

Initially, the customer used the highest form of managed services. As a part of this service, they received all the support necessary to set up and fine-tune the product as well as training for the internal team. In this way, the customer’s internal team gradually became familiar with the product’s capabilities so that they could start to take over its management and use it on their own.

After the customer’s internal team becomes independent, they can request a one-off audit from our partner when needed. The partner will verify that Mendel is functioning properly and whether there are any changes of parameters in the customer’s infrastructure that require either the deployment of another sensor or the extension of the solution license.