In the world of cybersecurity, the term XDR has recently gained significant popularity, offering comprehensive protection, including real-time detection of security threats and a quick response to them. An XDR system can either be delivered by a single vendor or through third-party integrations from multiple vendors.

Let’s explore what NDR solutions like GREYCORTEX Mendel bring to XDR platforms.

EDR Was Only the Beginning… Prepare for XDR

The core of an XDR (extended detection and response) platform is an EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution, which is additionally enriched with data from siloed security tools. This boosts visibility into your infrastructure and streamlines threat hunting.

An XDR system can aggregate data from various sources, including NDR (network detection and response) solutions like GREYCORTEX Mendel, firewalls, company email, cloud services, and mobile devices. By incorporating data from Mendel or a firewall, XDR can effortlessly correlate data and detect malicious traffic flows between the firewall and compromised devices, or identify which application is causing bandwidth overloads in your office network.

Maximize Visibility

The IT environment has never been as complex as it is nowadays, with the interconnection of networks, communication tools, mobile devices, cloud services, and much more. Protecting such an environment demands a sophisticated detection and response system like XDR.

GREYCORTEX Mendel alone provides visibility into both IT and OT networks. However, with its native integration with EDR solutions, firewalls, and other security tools, you can achieve unparalleled visibility of your organization’s network.

Prioritize Critical Issues

An XDR platform prioritizes security events and vulnerable configurations, providing crucial information for further investigation. By understanding the scope and root cause of these issues, you can concentrate your efforts on the most critical problems and reduce the time required to respond.

NDR: A Powerful Component of XDR

NDR solutions diligently monitor your network traffic, identifying suspicious and malicious activities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Moreover, they detect anomalies and unusual traffic patterns originating from outdated systems and IoT devices. These solutions uncover rogue assets, insider threats, zero-day attacks, as well as malicious user and device activities.

Mendel sends data and alerts to your XDR platform as well as your security teams, as it does for SIEM or SOAR systems. Additionally, it exports and processes data from third-party security tools, including EDR and firewalls.

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