Network management is a stressful proposition, comprising not only the administration of the network, but also maintaining its performance, provisioning devices, etc. With the number of devices in a network growing — due in part to IoT within the office and BYOD which come and go frequently, and the risks of advanced persistent malware, the stress is only increasing.

Luckily, GREYCORTEX Mendel helps reduce the stress of network administration. According to recent studies, 76% of IT Professionals cite lack of visibility as a challenge in addressing issues in their networks. Mendel offers full network visibility, up to, and including the application layer, without profiling a specific subnet or host. This means that whenever a new device enters the network, or a subnet or host is moved, identifying vulnerabilities or reconnecting appropriate devices is easy to accomplish.

Mendel also helps network administrators improve their security, especially against advanced threats hiding within a network. It is common to use firewalls, antivirus, but also SIEMs, IPS, sandboxes, etc. to protect a network. These various solutions all overlap for layered security, but each can be defeated.

Currently, it takes 46 days to detect a network breach. Mendel steps into these gaps by identifying anomalous network traffic activity, differentiating between human and machine activity, and integrating robust IDS rulesets to identify threats before they can do damage — often within hours. In some cases, like the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, Mendel was able to identify the attack in a matter of minutes, well before it could start encrypting files.

Mendel is based on machine learning and big data analysis. It installs in 30 minutes and can be configured in under two hours. It monitors networks using network traffic analysis without slowing traffic. Because deployment is painless, and network speed is preserved, a risk free 30 day trial is truly “risk free.” To find out more about Mendel, or to see what may be hiding in your network from a 30 day trial, contact your local distributor or GREYCORTEX directly.