Cybercrime is evolving at drammatic speed and at every moment, hackers and attackers are figuring out new strategies to compromise organizations and industries. The cybersecurity sector must not fall behind these attackers.

But the number of technologies claiming to create cybersecurity is vast. Organizational spending and reallocating investments to the right network security sector can help reduce cost of cyber breaches. A recent report produced by Accenture, with an independent survey by the Ponemon Institute indicates that among the higher-valued security technologies per cost; machine learning tools and extensive use of cyber analytics and user behavior analytics, have a high return on investment — in other words, they can bring a greater security benefit for a lower cost. Yet, conversely, Accenture reports that these high value technologies are under-deployed compared to other tools in the marketplace.

GREYCORTEX Mendel makes extensive use of machine learning and behavior analytics to identify cyber threats, protecting the network from attacks which would be unknown and unseen by other security tools.

To find out more about Mendel’s machine learning technology can help you, or to schedule a demonstration, contact your local GREYCORTEX partner, or GREYCORTEX directly.

With this findings comes opportunity to focus on the right technology to protect a company’s assets.