Google has disclosed the latest of several unpatched flaws in Microsoft software. GREYCORTEX Mendel’s advanced machine learning and predictive analysis can identify these attacks.

Google’s “Project Zero” team recently disclosed a second unpatched Microsoft Windows security flaw, after Microsoft failed to fix the bug within Google’s set 90 day window. The vulnerability is identified as CVE-2017–0037, and is classed as a “type confusion flaw” in a module of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. This flaw can lead to arbitrary code execution, and be used to crash IE or Edge, and allow hackers to execute code and gain administrator privileges on infected systems.

Advanced hackers may have either already exploited this flaw or they may soon exploit it. Network security solutions like GREYCORTEX that identify anomalous behaviour within your network are especially important in this situation. These solutions mean your IT team can identify malware by its anomalous movement within the network, and identify it as it replicates. GREYCORTEX Mendel identifies such anomalous behavior, offers deep network visibility, and differentiates between human and machine behavior, meaning you can find infected devices within your network and secure your company’s data and reputation even without relying on Microsoft to fix vulnerabilities in its browsers.

You can read more about the vulnerability here: