New features include

rew release 3.4

  • Unique in network security tools, Mendel monitors and detects attacks the use of non-IP protocols, allowing greater detection and visibility of hidden attacks — even those which bypass other network traffic analysis tools. 
  • GREYCORTEX has added the detection of operating system on monitored network devices using network metadata. This allows network security analysts and network administrators to quickly identify the type of device in the network.
  • Mendel includes Application Performance Metrics and Monitoring on the transaction level. This allows network administrators to not only visualize and secure the network, but to identify application performance problems providing better application performance. 
  • Added new network metrics TTL and DSCP
  • Added default rules for non-IP protocols including Wake-On-LAN,
    IEC61850 — GSE, Sercos III, LLDP, and Ethernet Powerlink
  • Added support for parsing EtherCAT protocol
  • Added plugin for integration with Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Added configurable database backup to external Samba storage