Enrich your business intelligence
and big data analysis with Mendel 3.5

Now you can easily export almost any data from Mendel in widely used CSV format. With exported data you can:

  • Generate reports
  • Enhance data for business intelligence solutions like Power BI
  • Store it for backup purposes
  • Conduct more advanced analysis together with data from other solutions like SIEM

Connect Larger Deployments with Central Event Management (CEM)

CEM is an ideal solution for customers or partners with multi-level network architecture, which provides a more comprehensive overview of the whole network. Mendel 3.5 enables you:

  • Easy and stress-free connection and set-up of multi-level network architecture from Mendel’s UI
  • Get general overview of all events from single interface that happened at all levels of your network structure
  • Process more data at better speed

Better Operating System Identification
Using Application Data

By implementing advanced data model based on Samba, DHCP, HTTP, SSH, and network parameters, Mendel 3.5 enables:

  • Discover devices with outdated or unsupported OS which can be misused by ransomware or malicious actors
  • Know if your security policies are being implemented and followed
  • Have more complete asset management

Detect Invalid or Expired SSL and TLS Certificates

Mendel 3.5 releases you from the constant necessity to track SSL and TLS certificate validity and protect the security of your communication. This new version identifies and alerts the user about possible security risks even before certificate expiration.