Manage incidents and create reports
by yourself

Mendel 3.6 brings you brand new ways to manage and process incidents. Now, you can see the whole life cycle of each incident and create reports on your own.

New Incident Management offers you:

  • New reporting interface
  • The ability to comment incidents and export an incident report
  • Comprehensive view into whole life circle of incidents

Automatic response for a proactive approach to identified threats

You can define your own rules for how Mendel reacts to suspicious traffic on the firewall or other infrastructure.

With the Automated Threat Response, you can:

  • Set your own custom scripts to define rules as a reaction to potentially dangerous events in your network 
  • Apply the defined rules only to the reported events that are relevant to you

Better visibility into the network with application detection

Mendel 3.6 can now detect up to 4000 common applications. 

With this new feature, you have:

  • Improved flow detection
  • Better visibility into specific devices

Store and use your data longer

Mendel 3.6 changes the way you store your data. 

The new, more effective goals are:

  • Saving disk space
  • Reach your data now for a longer time, with up to 50% increase in the number of days on existing hardware