We have released a new version of GREYCORTEX Mendel

GREYCORTEX Mendel 4.1 introduces a visually appealing interface, providing a cleaner look and feel. The new version also brings integration with EDR platforms and SDN solutions, enabling extended detection and response capabilities. With BACnet protocol processing, Mendel offers visibility into building management systems. Additionally, its advanced filtering capabilities can be tailored to your specific needs to streamline your work with data.

A Fresh New Mendel User Interface

Unveil complex functionalities when you need it

Our new UI has been meticulously designed to improve your user experience by reducing any visual complexity and providing seamless access to essential data. We understand the importance of simplicity, which is why our UI intelligently reveals complex functionality as you need it, ensuring a cleaner and more intuitive look and feel.

The new Mendel UI is available in both light and dark themes.

Elevating Your Security with Mendel XDR Capabilities

Integrate Mendel with any EDR platform on the market

We have developed a versatile solution that integrates Mendel with any endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform. We have already successfully executed a pilot project, integrating Mendel with SentinelOne EDR. This integration enriches Mendel’s data with valuable endpoint information, enabling the precise detection and correlation of security events. Moreover, this empowers Mendel with the capability to send commands to EDR tools and isolate devices based on network or client behavior.

Integrate Mendel with software-defined networking (SDN) solutions

Additonally, you can now integrate Mendel with a software-defined networking solution (SDN). To ensure smooth integration with our customers’ existing infrastructure, we have specifically integrated Mendel with Cisco ACI, a platform for managing large network infrastructures. Through integration with the management layer, known as Cisco APIC, Mendel gains extended visibility and access to valuable information about endpoint security group definitions. This enables Mendel to effectively utilize this information for filtering and rule-based detection.

Simplify your work with 2nd version of API integration

To achieve our goal of full API accessibility, we have developed the second version of our API integration. This upgraded version boasts a unified language and introduces a new set of keywords, enhancing the overall functionality. It not only offers improved speed but also provides a more streamlined and simplified workflow when working with the API.

During security examinations, Mendel extracts specific information about devices or security events, enabling the most precise detection. Compared to the previous version, it now incorporates tagging signatures and flow records.

Secured Building Management Systems

Get visibility into your BMS through BACnet protocol

To provide additional benefits to both existing and prospective customers, we have enabled Mendel with the capability to process the BACnet communication protocol. BACnet is widely used for managing various building systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and more. With this integration, Mendel can visualize the assets within a building management network and track the flows to and from these systems. Furthermore, Mendel can effectively detect attacks on these assets, acting as an additional layer of security for such systems.

Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Narrow the information with the tailor-made queries

Based on the needs of Mendel power users, we have developed an advanced filtering feature. Now, you can navigate through vast amounts of data effortlessly and extract the precise information you seek. Our advanced filtering offers a rich syntax and wide range of powerful keywords, enabling you to craft unique queries that align perfectly with your specific requirements.

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