Introducing the latest version of Mendel

Experience an enhanced dimension of network security and management with our latest Mendel update, aimed at optimizing and simplifying your daily work as well as empowering you with less frequent in-depth analyses.

Integration with XSOAR

By unlocking the integration pack that bridges Mendel and XSOAR, you can enable native data ingestion. This integration streamlines the flow of data from Mendel directly into Cortex® XSOAR by PaloAlto Networks, the security orchestration, automation, and response platform.

This allows you to experience a more cohesive security ecosystem, empowering your security teams to respond faster and more effectively to threats through enhanced data availability and streamlined workflows.

PCAP Playback and Analysis

Easily upload, store, and replay previously recorded network traffic (PCAP) with our intuitive playback tool. This feature extends Mendel’s capabilities and allows you not only to analyze mirrored traffic in real-time but also analyze earlier recorded data captured by either its built-in PCAP recorder or any other tool you have. Replayed PCAPs are processed and stored separately to any other data in Mendel. This provides you with the highest user experience during retrospective analysis by placing maximum focus on data consistency and security.

IDS Rule Wizard 

Create your own rules effortlessly through our step-by-step instrument, ensuring more precise threat detection and enhanced security posture. 

Identify unauthorized access attempts, suspicious network behavior and create customized rules to detect and prevent new types of attacks before official intel is available. Above that, you can easily filter out unnecessary network traffic, reduce false positives and much more.

Using this new and intuitive tool, anyone, even beginners, can tailor their rules quickly and at the same level as a skilled professional. This means you can then use the time you’ve saved more effectively.

New Reporting Module

Our redesigned reporting module lets you create and visually process your reports in PDF format. Mendel’s new and improved engine allows you to choose from a selection of options to  tailor all areas of your reports to fit your precise needs. 

This forms the foundation of a broader and more unified reporting service, streamlining the process of making comprehensive and powerful reports from any of the data available in Mendel.

Redesigned UI Representation for User Activity Logs 

You can now view all user activities and filter them in one place with the ability to export the results. If you are dealing with the risk of unreliable or incompetent system users or you just need to ensure the fulfillment of company policies, you are able to monitor both the user’s behavior as part of their work with the graphical interface, as well as gain an overview of all communication via the API.

User Event Categorization for
IT and OT Users BETA

Leverage the brand new option to configure your user-account as an IT or OT user. This categorizes events faster and more efficiently with an emphasis on the different needs and focuses of IT and OT security and operational specialists. This allows both user-groups to collaborate via the same Mendel, while still having their own user interfaces and perspectives.

Setting your knowledge level also helps you quickly navigate through security events.

Improved OT Protocol Parsers

Mendel now has improved OT-application parsers, specifically targeting BACnet, OPC-UA and S7-communication. These improvements provide more detailed visibility into industrial and facility management applications. 

By refining our OT-application parsers, Mendel offers more detailed and comprehensive data analysis capabilities, ensuring enhanced monitoring and a better understanding of critical systems within industrial environments.

OT Metrics Prototype for BACnet EXPERIMENTAL 

Have you ever questioned the reliability of the data in your HMIs and historians?

Visualizing parsed values, or metrics, derived from your OT protocols network flows within Mendel offers an unprecedented window into understanding your industrial equipment’s behavior. This exclusive experimental feature brings a new dimension to monitoring and comprehension. Contact us to explore this non-public offering and start gaining a deeper understanding of your industrial systems.

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