Network Detection and Response

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How to Analyse Network Performance Issues

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GREYCORTEX Mendel provides you with deep network visibility. Using the most advanced detection techniques available, Mendel protects you from any known and unknown cyber security threats your network is exposed to. By detecting threats and vulnerabilities as they occur, using AI and machine learning, Mendel stops attacks quicklysaving you time and money and helping you uncover and avoid any potential network issues. Mendel, a network detection and response tool, also fills the gaps left by both legacy and modern IDS/IPS solutions in your IT and industrial networks.

Solving the Everyday Challenges of Your Network Security Team!

GREYCORTEX Mendel helps secure your network, protecting data, reducing risk, and maintaining safety, whenever and wherever you need it.

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Visualizes All Network Communication

Gain a complete and actionable overview of all network communication, devices, and user behavior

Detects and Prevents Security Threats Early

Receive immediate alerts of any malware, ransomware, RATs, zero-days, and performance issues

Responds Automatically to Any Incidents

Leverage powerful automated and manual threat blocking, and incident management technology

Also Valued by Our Customers

Visualize industrial devices and equipment with OT Network Monitoring. Improve workflow performance and discover performance problems using Mendel’s Application and Performance Monitoring feature. Plus, thanks to Asset Inventory, keep all your network assets under control.

Complex solution for network security in government, healthcare, banking, justice, technology, commerce, education, and more.

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Advanced industrial intrusion detection system (IDS) for companies in energy, utilities, and manufacturing.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

GREYCORTEX is the only vendor that has offered us excessive support, with training, tactical meetings and recommendations for improvement. This really helps us understand our network and strengthens our security.

- Senior IT Security Specialist

With GREYCORTEX Mendel we are much more secure, and can do the work of three people, and all in-house.

- IT Manager

We originally installed GREYCORTEX Mendel as a short-term solution following the increased responsibility thrust on us by legislation. But we were really impressed with it and since then we have been using Mendel for the last four years.

- ICT Director

When it comes to usability, Mendel’s interface was designed to be highly intuitive so that even a beginner could use it effectively.

- System Management Section Chief

GREYCORTEX Mendel helps me find what I need, even if sometimes I don’t know exactly what to look for. The perfect visualization helps us to understand the essence and scale of the problem and is understandable even for the university’s management without a technical background.

- Cybersecurity Manager

GREYCORTEX Mendel helped us immensely. We have really strengthened our security posture and are very happy with the results.

- IT Operations Manager