July 23, 2019

GREYCORTEX is proud to announce that we have released the latest version of our Mendel network traffic analysis solution. Version 3.4 has several important new features. These include operating system detection, detailed application performance monitoring; allowing measurement of individual transactions and display of the results in a report by application or request, and advanced support for non-IP protocols with extended detection and visibility for this group of protocols. 

More about GREYCORTEX Mendel 3.4

New features

  • Added detection of the operating system on monitored network hosts using network metadata
  • Added new network metrics TTL and DSCP
  • Added Application Performance Metrics and Monitoring on the transaction level
  • Extended detection of non-IP protocols including support for IDS rules to detect Ethernet-based protocols 
  • Added default rules for non-IP protocols including Wake-On-LAN, IEC61850 — GSE, Sercos III, LLDP, and Ethernet Powerlink
  • Added support for parsing EtherCAT protocol
  • Added plugin for integration with Palo Alto Firewalls
  • Added configurable database backup to external Samba storage


  • Improved managerial and security reports —  consistent calculation of hosts, improved data ordering, fixed formatting, and design issues
  • Improved report translations for Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Korean, and Czech
  • Improved Group Permissions for better support of multi-tenant environments
  • Improved processing of non-IP flows
  • Improved data representation for GOOSE protocol
  • Improved parsing capabilities of Samba protocol
  • Improved parsing capabilities of MMS protocol
  • Improved LDAP configuration dialog
  • Allowed login for usernames starting with numbers

Bug Fixes 

In general, our development team focused on improving user experience and reporting.